Drain Unblocking In Leicester, Hinckley & Coalville

When you are faced with the situation of blocked drains, you do not need to feel worried or embarrassed. The team here at Servo-Rod are experts in drain unblocking and professional drainage services. Call us and our specialists and they will be ready to deal with your blocked toilet issues.

Our drainage services care available to both commercial and domestic properties, including factories, offices and household toilets throughout Leicester, Hinckley and Coalville. We are more than equipped to fix your blocked toilet issues, on every level and scale.

Drain Unblocking Services

At Servo-Rod, we have the equipment and expertise to deal with all drain unblocking in Leicester, Hinckley and Coalville.

Depending on the extent and location of the drain blockage, this will determine the type of equipment and techniques used to resolve the drain unblocking problems.

Drain Rodding

The most basic clearance technique is to eliminate the blockage with steel rods, which will then restore free flowing conditions.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is essentially a hose positioned inside the pipe fires a powerful water jet at up to 5000 psi. The nozzle situated on the tip of the hose converts the water into a laser jet which helps flush away deposits.

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

This technique uses steel cables which are fitted with sharp blades. The blades are included to help break down the build-up of hardened objects that collect to form a blocked pipe.

Tanker Jetting

When larger sewers and culverts need cleaning, tanker jetters are the answer, removing silt and debris fast. This provides the solution when a substantial flow of water (up to 50 gallons a minute) is needed to ensure effective cleaning, or when there is no readily accessible supply of mains water.

Structural Defect

Structural defects can be easily detected by our cctv drain survey service. If your drains or sewers have suffered from any type of structural defect which is often caused by the environment. We provide drain unblocking services in leicester and the surronding areas, please contact us today and we will help restore normal flow through your drainage system.

Our Services and Values

It is important to us that we provide the best service possible:

  • 25+ years of experience.
  • Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • In an emergency, we aim to have a fully equipped engineer on site in around 60 minutes.
  • No call out charge and upfront pricing - meaning you are always in control.

Blocked Pipes

A blocked pipe can become a problem through general use and abuse. All types of dirt and muck can gather and block the pipes flow creating the condition for a blocked pipe. If you experience blocked pipes, there’s no need to panic, simply contact our friendly team today.

Arrange A Call-Out

If you require assistance from our drain unblocking experts in the Leicester area, contact us today to arrange a free quote. We will take a detailed look at your blocked pipe problem and help find the best solution.