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Why is my drain blocked? 5 main causes of blocked drains

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Blocked drains can cause all sorts of trouble whether it’s the sink or toilet or even outside your home. It can be a hassle to unblock so we’ve listed a couple of the main causes for blocked drains to help prevent blockage. 

  1. Grease and Fat

Grease and fat may not seem like substances that would cause a blocked sink as it washes away easily. Fats in food can be sticky and binding which can build up over time, so it’s best not to pour it down the sink. These are some things that contain fat which are better disposed of in the bin; bacon grease, steak or other fatty meat trimmings, butter, cream etc. receive 

  1. Toiletries

The only thing flushed down the toilet should be toilet paper, items like nappies should not be flushed down the toilet and should be disposed of in the dustbin. The same goes for baby wipes as they do not break down like toilet paper does so there is a higher chance of it being built up and clog drains. 

  1. Foreign objects

Foreign objects, such as children’s toys or even a build-up of materials, can clog drains and stop water flow unexpectedly. Soaps and sanitary products might end up in the toilet, clogging drains, so keep an eye out for what’s been flushed!

  1. Tree roots

This may appear to be an unusual object to clog your drain, but it is prevented with a well-kept garden. Tree roots can be pulled to the nearest supply of water, causing pipes to become clogged and broken over time. Ensure that your garden is clear of leaves and debris, as they might also clog your drain.

  1. Mineral build up 

Minerals dissolved in hard water can build up, resulting in insoluble masses that clog your drain. If you reside in an area where hard water is a problem, a water softener can easily tackle the problem. Another method is to descale and remove the build-up on a regular basis; however, if this does not work, it is better to contact a professional plumber!

Hope the tips and tricks mentioned above can help you keep healthy pipes and drains. But if major issues arise its ideal to contact a plumber to fix the issue. Servo Rod specialise in plumbing services covering everything from unblocking drains to drain inspection. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about our services by calling us on 0800 358 5995 or filling in our quick contact form



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How to clean/unblock your drain with household items

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Blocked drains can be a hassle and frustrating to clean especially if you don’t have the right unblocking products on hand. This is where household items come in, we have listed some easy and quick ways to clean or unblock your drains below.

Boiling Water

Using hot boiling water to clear a drain is the easiest and fastest method. Boil as much water as you need and pour it down the drain that is clogged. It’s possible that you’ll want to do this a few times. Water will flow through the pipes, dissolving any waste or obstructions that may be present.

Cleaning the Pipe

This is an excellent method for cleaning and unblocking drains, but you must be able to dismantle and reconnect pipes, which is a simple process. To have a free-flowing drain, follow the steps below:

1. Find a bucket or container and position it under the U-shaped pipe as the first step.

2. Next, remove the pipe by unscrewing the slip nuts at both ends with a wrench.

3. Clean the pipes with a small brush to ensure that all debris is flushed out into the bucket.

4. Clean the pipes with a mixture of water and dish soap.

5. Connect the pipes and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with drains that aren’t clogged.

Salt, Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is easy to unblock drains, if you don’t have chemicals at hand or do not want to use harsh chemicals. For this combine 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 1 cup white vinegar in a mixing bowl. Allow it to work its magic overnight, then flush the drain the next morning with hot or boiling water.


If your sink drain is clogged, the old school method of using a plunger gets the job done. Follow the steps below for an easy and effective fix.

1. Half-fill your sink with hot water.

2. Begin pushing the plunger in an up and down motion to produce an airtight seal on the drain.

3. Hold for 60 seconds and then release to examine if the water has subsided; if not, repeat the process.

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Servo Rod can provide drain unblocking for more severe cases with a free no obligation quote on all work undertaken and can guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. For more information contact us on 0800 358 5995 or fill out our easy contact form.

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Four Benefits of a CCTV Drain Survey

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A CCTV drain survey is a vital part of finding issues relating to your drainage system. It allows the problem to be easily diagnosed and solved. Over time, drains and sewers can deteriorate and will eventually need replacing. This is when the several benefits of CCTV drainage survey come in to solve the issue.

Cost Effective

Carrying out a CCTV drain survey can help you detect problems early on, saving you time and money on using other methods to detect any drainage issues. A CCTV drain survey can be better value for money as it is more efficient and accurate than other services. 

Specific Diagnosis 

A CCTV drain survey will be carried out by a drainage professional, leading to an accurate diagnosis of any drainage issues. The specialist will be able to examine exactly what is causing the obstruction, allowing them to locate the suitable treatment right away.

Efficient Investigation 

A drainage issue can be tough to deal with because it can lead to water difficulties and an unpleasant smell. This can be very inconvenient without a CCTV drain survey, especially during the winter months. A CCTV drain survey can help speed up the restoration of your drains by promptly diagnosing the problem.

Minor Disruption 

Not only does a CCTV drain survey save you time and money but it also keeps disruption to a minimum. The CCTV camera does all the work identifying the problem causing minimum disruption. So a full scale excavation won’t need to be carried out. 

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Servo Rod can provide CCTV drain surveys with a free no obligation quote on all work undertaken and can guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. For more information contact us on 0800 358 5995 or fill out our easy contact form


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Why Summer is the Best Time for Drain Maintenance

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Everyone has things they look forward to doing in the summer months whether it is sunbathing on the beach or having barbecues in the park, whatever it may be, we are sure that cleaning out your drains isn’t top of that list. However, this is a job that cannot be ignored and summer is actually the best time of year for you to do it. Learn why this is here.

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Preparing Your Drains For The Winter

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As we head into winter, drainage problems can become particularly more prominent and are likely to cause more damage to your home. This could also result in more expensive repairs which could be avoided. So here are a few tips to help prepare your drainage system for the winter.

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How Do Drains Work?

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This may not be something you really think about just because you don’t have to. Luckily for us, the drains attached to our house require very little work but where exactly are they taking the wasted waste and what is happening to it? This post should help you to learn more about how exactly the drainage process work.

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The Benefits of Water Jetting

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Drains need to be fully functioning to keep your house up and running and when plungers or drain rods aren’t doing the job, it’s time to try something new. Water jetting can be a fast, effective and cost-efficient solution to your problem, however, what exactly is it?

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WRC Drain Inspections: Why?

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When you are looking into building an extension, it can be easy to get carried away with the finer details such as decorating your new space and the guests you can invite over. It’s important to know that before you start thinking about the interior aspects, there are a few official steps that need to be taken.

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Drain Danger: The Long Term Effects Of Blocked Drains

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With the wet weather, we have had this winter, it’s fair to say that our homes have felt the brunt of it. As a result of the freezing temperature, torrential flooding and blustering winds, many homes have suffered problems with their drainage system that have proved a costly nuisance. Continue reading →

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Top 5 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Blocked Drain

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If not cleared at an early stage, a minor blocked drain can get worse and bring about disasters that are incredibly inconvenient and expensive to repair in the long run. Apart from producing an unpleasant smell, it can also damage your valued property and cause serious health problems.

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