Beware the Dangers of DIY Drain Rods

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If you have noticed a gurgling in your sink, or that your toilet appears to be draining more slowly than it should, then you could have a foul water blockage in your pipes.

A proactive person might be tempted to try and solve this problem themselves, and head off to their local DIY store to pick up a set of drain rods ready to feed down the drains and attempt to dislodge any blockage.

Not Secure

Unfortunately, the kind of drain rods that are freely available at what appears to be an affordable cost is not entirely fit for purpose. Feeding a rod down a complex drain system is an unfamiliar task to most homeowners so it can be tricky even with the best equipment, but DIY drain rods screw together by hand, which means that they are far from secure.

In the process of trying to work the rods down the drains and through a blockage, the plunger or screw attachment or even the rods themselves can come loose and get left behind in the depths of the drain. This means that you could soon find yourself calling out a professional to help you, and end up paying a higher fee for a more complex job.

So in the long-run, DIY drain rods can be a very false economy indeed.


We Can Help

Here at Servo-Rod, we have dealt with our fair share of drain blockages, and it isn’t uncommon for us to be called out to deal with the after-effects of a drain rod mishap. Luckily, we have a full range of professional quality equipment at our disposal to ensure that we are ready to tackle your blockage in the most appropriate and time efficient way without any risk of parts coming loose or getting left behind.

To be sure of the best value for money solution to your drain blockage in Leicester or the surrounding area, call us on 0800 358 5995 or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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