Drain Danger: The Long Term Effects Of Blocked Drains

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With the wet weather, we have had this winter, it’s fair to say that our homes have felt the brunt of it. As a result of the freezing temperature, torrential flooding and blustering winds, many homes have suffered problems with their drainage system that have proved a costly nuisance.

Here at Servo Rod, we are specialist drainage experts who can carry out a complete range of drain unblocking, cleaning and surveying services. As well as a 24-hour emergency call-out service, our teams are on hand to ensure that your drainage systems are working effectively and efficiently.

The bad weather can cause blockages in drainage systems and can have a number of long-term effects if they are not dealt with. We list a few of these problems that many homeowners and commercial properties can experience.

#1 – Leaks

As a result of high pressure, leaks and cracks can occur along pipes both internally and externally. This can lead to damp and significant mould build-up that can cause structural damage to all types of property. Older buildings are more vulnerable so be sure to have one of our experts carry out a full assessment and survey of your drains.

#2 – Waste Resurgence

A poor drainage system means that waste will not effectively be removed and can cause blockages that will prevent the flow of waste and water. This can result in waste festering within your pipes and in some cases, resurging internally. Foul smells, health risks and unpleasant living are just a few of the consequences.

#3 – Structural Damage

The above can all lead to structural damage to your property and can result in hugely expensive repairs if neglected. Not only that, the safety of occupants and residents will be compromised due to the structural damage.

If you require a full client CCTV survey or effective drain clearing services, be sure to get in touch with one of our team today by calling our head office on 0116 277 5863.

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