How Do Drains Work?

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This may not be something you really think about just because you don’t have to. Luckily for us, the drains attached to our house require very little work but where exactly are they taking the wasted waste and what is happening to it? This post should help you to learn more about how exactly the drainage process work.

Why Do Drainage Systems Matter?

The only time we really take notice of our drains is when there is something wrong with them and they aren’t functioning properly. Luckily the UK has one of the best sanitation systems in the world, rather than having open drainage systems as they would in a poorer country, we have sewage systems that are underground so they go completely unnoticed.

In the UK we have a safe and hygienic system in place which helps to dispose of waste. This reduces rates of infection, disease and allows us to have access to safe and clean water. Drainage systems are extremely vital to the UK and we are fortunate to have access to them.


How Do They Work?

Drains that contain rainwater or melted ice are simply redirected down a drain and released back into the rivers and seas. Wastewater than comes from, toilets, baths sinks etc go into a different drainage system. These are taken into underground drains and sewers so they can be treated.

The wastewater is taken to a water treatment station where it undergoes a series of treatments. The first step is to remove all large debris from the water so the solids and liquids can be separated. Bacteria are then used to break down the remaining waste so it becomes harmless. Finally, the water is passed through a large special tank that gets rid of any remaining particles.

After the water has been treated it is able to be returned to rivers, streams or the sea since is clean and safe to use.


How Are Sewage Systems Maintained?

Since sewers play such a vital role without us realising it most of the time, it is extremely important that they are maintained and freed of blockages.

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