Preparing Your Drains For The Winter

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As we head into winter, drainage problems can become particularly more prominent and are likely to cause more damage to your home. This could also result in more expensive repairs which could be avoided. So here are a few tips to help prepare your drainage system for the winter.

Repair Any Leaks

Although pretty obvious, a leak in any of your drains can cause whole range issues, especially if they are left unaddressed. At the end of summer, inspect all the drains to see if you can spot any major or minor leaks, some can be temporarily fixed with a repair kit others may need a professional.

Use Your Heating

Switching the heating on will heat up your home, however, it can also help save your drainage pipes from damage. This is because any water left in the pipes can freeze with plummeting temperatures and when water freezes it expands, causing pipes to burst. So, by keeping the heating switched on, even on low heat, it will keep your home warm and reduce the chances of your pipes freezing.

Clear The Drains

We’d recommend clearing any drains before winter begins by removing any leaves or debris, as any blockage can lead to flooding. By removing any rubbish regularly, it is less likely to cause a build-up or clog your drains.

Book Your Drain Inspection

At Servo-Rod, we specialise in providing customers across Leicestershire with a complete range of drainage services. So whether you want a service, repair or unblocking of a drain, our professional team can help. For more information or a free quote, contact our team on 0116 277 5863, or use our online contact form.

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