Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Blockings & How To Prevent it

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There are a number of reasons why a toilet may clog on several occasions, and identifying the fundamental issues that cause the blockages is the best approach to ensure that the problems are resolved in the future. 

Slow Drains 

Clogs can also be caused by collapsing pipes. Slow drains in numerous toilets or other drains in your home are a sign that the situation is more serious. This can add up over time and is an indication that you should hire an expert. Make an appointment with a professional plumber to get your plumbing inspected. 


Amount of Toilet Paper

Only a certain amount of material can be flushed down the toilet. We’ve all done it before: stuffed too much tissue paper down the toilet. It’s a common blunder that may be quickly remedied by flushing the toilet twice in a succession. This doubles the flushing pressure, ensuring that all flushable waste is properly pushed through the system. This will help to protect your toilet from clogging and ensure that it functions properly.


‘Flushable’ Wipes

Baby wipes, believe it or not, are not meant to be flushed. It seems natural that everything used to wipe should be able to pass through the toilet, but this is not the case. These convenience products can cause clogs and costly plumbing damage. Despite the fact that toilet and baby wipes often have a logo indicating that they are safe to flush, they can easily produce a severe backup, especially if a drain is already partially stopped. We recommend that you throw these ‘flushable’ wipes in the dust bin even though they are advertised as flushable for a clean clear toilet drain. 


There’s Not Enough Water in the Tank

Any waste that makes its way out of the toilet must be pressed down. There won’t be enough pressure to clean the bowl if the toilet tank isn’t totally filled when flushed.

Check to see if the supply valve is open, then inspect the water line supply for leaks. If neither of these issues exist, the fill valve should be replaced.


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