The Benefits of Water Jetting

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Drains need to be fully functioning to keep your house up and running and when plungers or drain rods aren’t doing the job, it’s time to try something new. Water jetting can be a fast, effective and cost-efficient solution to your problem, however, what exactly is it?

Water jetting allows you to shoot water at very high pressures down your drain pipe with a special hose. The water can easily go around bends and reach further down the pipe, cleaning out blockages thoroughly. These are some of the benefits that come with water jetting.


Highly Effective

You would be surprised how powerful the water jet can be, it can be so effective that it can clear a blockage of tree roots. It is also more effective at removing sludge and grease than any chemical cleaner, as it actually removes it rather than spreading it around.

Prevent Future Clogs

Since water jetting is so thorough, it not only clears the clog but also any debris that was in there. This will help prevent future clogs from building up since the pipe has been completely cleaned, therefore, saving you money on future repairs, since they are less likely to happen.

Fast & Sanitary 

When dealing with sewage pipes, it can be rather unpleasant for the plumber or homeowner if they were to come into contact with sewage or if it were to go in your home. However, water jetting is a very fast and non-invasive procedure, keeping the contact time with the sewage at a minimum compared to other methods.

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