The Spiralling Cost Of A Blocked Drain

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Blocked drains are a veritable nightmare of mess, costs and time spent getting the problem sorted. Here at Servo-Rod, we aim to get your drain cleared effectively and efficiently to avoid any major problems. But just what costs can you incur and what problems can arise if a blocked drain problem is left to get out of control?

More Complex Repairs

One of the advantages of using a company like Servo-Rod is the fantastic array of drain blockage solutions available; from low-tech drain rodding to the advanced tech of electro-mechanical cleaning, and more intense drain re-lining and excavation.
Of course, the more complex the repair required, the higher the cost. If you suspect your drains may be blocked then here at Servo-Rod we’re happy to deal with any size of drain problem; call us out sooner rather than later and save yourself money in the long run!

Mould & Damp Problems

Mould issues can arise when leaks or blockages leave water on the surface to collect in puddles close to the walls of your house, causing mould and damp to grow and thrive. After cleaning up, you may have to redecorate and replace carpets or even furniture, so keeping on top of your drains is a far more cost-effective solution.


Flooding is everyone’s idea of a worst nightmare. If you have a blockage close to your kitchen, then something as simple as switching on the dishwasher can quickly result in disaster. If you thought mould was a destroyer of carpets and furniture then imagine the expensive damage that can be done by flooding.

No matter whether your blockage is large or small, here at Servo-Rod we have the tools and expertise to help you with everything from drain surveying to drain unblocking in Leicester and the surrounding area. For more information on our effective and affordable drain unblocking services, call us on 0800 358 5995 or contact us via our website.

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