Why Summer is the Best Time for Drain Maintenance

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Everyone has things they look forward to doing in the summer months whether it is sunbathing on the beach or having barbecues in the park, whatever it may be, we are sure that cleaning out your drains isn’t top of that list. However, this is a job that cannot be ignored and summer is actually the best time of year for you to do it. Learn why this is here.

Underlying Issues Will Only Get Worse In The Heat

Unfortunately, leaving problems alone won’t fix them and while these problems aren’t so major in winter, the heat will only make them worse as it starts to warm up. Your drains are filled with bacteria, germs and mould which will reproduce in the heat causing potential problems like blockages and unpleasant smells. If you carry out maintenance in the summer you are able to catch these problems before they escalate into something worse and cost you a lot more than you were expecting. Maintaining your drains is the best way to go about this so you work on preventing the problem before it is even there.

Resolve The Winter Problems

Like we mentioned before problems are always accentuated in summer, however, it is in winter that these problems arise. This can be due to the freezing of the pipes or even debris that has fallen from trees in your garden which ends up blocking the drains. The weather is usually better in summer as well making it a much easier process as well as this you know that you only have to fix the problems once in the year and try and do what you can to prevent them from happening the following year.

Fix The Issues Before The Next Winter Comes

If you do choose not to carry out maintenance on your drains in summer you will potentially face much bigger problems, in the coming winter. If there are cracks in the pipes or the drain is blocked up with leaves, this is going to cause a big problem when autumn and winter come around as those leaves are only going to block the drain up more and the heavy rainfall and frozen pipes will cause even bigger cracks. Instead of waiting until your drains are at the point where they can’t go on, it is a much better idea to check them in the summer instead and any problems you do find will be much smaller and easier to repair.

Contact Our Professional Team

If you think that your drains may need a bit of a maintenance check this summer, feel free to get in touch with our team who are specialists in this field. Call 0116 277 5863 today or fill out the online contact form for more information.

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